Gloomy science fiction puzzle adventure. Little Kuanysz travels to miraculous mountain Degenlen to find cure for his dying village.

Arrow keys for movement, s for suicide (restart level). -- a 5s trailer.

Special thanks go to Jakub D. for detailed testing and providing me with room and other asortiments, to Panicz Godek, Mr Piotruś, Mr Kubak and my wife for testing and encouragement, to Edek for convincing me to write a game instead of some proof-of-concept-not-really-an-engine-something, to Sylwester Gałuszka of Kolonia Artystów for inviting me to play at StreetWaves 2014 (recording of that performance is part of the soundtrack), to for hosting my drones, and finally to myself, without whom the game would not come into existence (wat?).

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